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What you need to know about joining our classes... here's the basic information

AGE RANGE: 18 to 80



WHAT TO WEAR: Dress comfortably in either a t-shirt or loose top, with either a flowing skirt or yoga pants, leggings etc.  Anything that is not restrictive of movement.  Dancing is either barefoot or in soft flexible soled footwear such as ballet shoes/slippers.  *Please note students DO NOT have to show their belly*.

HEALTH & SAFETY: If you have any ongoing medical issues, please speak to the class tutor before the class begins so that you can be advised of any moves that you will need to be mindful of.  Equally pregnancy, other long term serious health conditions such as heart issues, diabetes, back/hip/neck issues should be advised at the start of any class the student is attending.  In the event that other medical circumstances arise (such as another Covid outbreak) students will be expected to follow the recommendations of the hall.  Entrance is via the main front door of the hall, exit is via the side door of the venue.  

GENERAL HEALTH & SAFETY: Dancing is barefoot.  If you have foot health issues, please dance with your feet covered in soft, flexible soled shoes.  

Listen to your body!  Some moves will feel odd as you will use your muscles in different ways, but nothing should cause pain.  Your teacher will offer guidance and make adjustments or will stop you if you are moving in a manner that could cause your body harm or injury.

CLASS LENGTH: 1 hour sessions

PRICE: £32 for 4 continuous weeks

(valid for 2024)

PAYMENT: Cash via class, bank transfer or ask about Paypal.

WHAT DO LESSONS COVER?: sessions initially for Tenderfoot (beginners) is to build muscle control and strength, work on posture as you learn the basics elements of belly dance.  Once you have covered the initial 4 terms/16 weeks, you will build on this with more movements, and will begin to learn combinations as a forerunner to learning choreography.  After the next 4 terms/16 weeks, you will begin to learn choreography and then move on to covering the use of props such as veil and canes/sticks and learn more about belly dance influences that make up our own unique blend of cabaret with and infusion of other elements.

As your dance journey continues, these will grow with more complex movements, terminology and further dance props such as Isis wings, Melaya, Veil fans, Shamadan etc

YOUR DANCE JOURNEY: Students do NOT have to take part in performing, but as they continue their dance journey, opportunities will arise for them to show off their growing dance skills.

CLASS BEHAVIOUR: Students are asked to arrive promptly for class, if you arrive late, you should warm up before joining in, as this prepares your muscles to dance, and gets your mind ready for class.

BOOKING IN: Students can register in advance of class by messaging via this website, our Facebook page, text to 07796 087255 or email.  Students will be asked a few health questions, as there are certain things that need to be covered to get the best out of your classes.  Once at class, students sign in our weekly register to show their attendance (and follow Covid safety rules as specified by the venue).

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