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Mystic Bellydance Tahdah


Learn the art of belly dance

Learning to belly dance should be both educational and fun, and at Mystic Bellydance, that's our mantra. 

We like to ensure that our lessons teach the fundamentals of belly dance that are the building blocks, whilst we work on building your posture, your body strength and flexibility.  As your dance journey continues, you'll learn dance combinations and choreography to add more layers to your dancing so your skills continue to grow.  Our dance levels start with beginners or 'Tenderfoot' as we like to call it, through to more experienced dance levels.  

We pride ourselves in also supporting the dance community too, so be prepared to boost your social diary too (if you want) to go to belly dance shows, hafla's and performances.

To start your journey... here's what you need to know about our classes and workshops.


Taster Class 19th September for new beginners or returning students.

Term 1

Week 1: 26th Sept

Week 2: 3rd Oct

Week 3: 10th Oct

Week 4: 17th Oct

Term 2

Week 1: 24th Oct

Week 2: 31st Oct (Halloween special)

Week 3: 7th Nov

Week 4: 14th Nov

Term 3:

Week 1: 21st Nov

Week 2: 28th Nov

Week 3: 5th Dec

Week 4: 12th Dec

If students attend all 3 terms they can attend the student party class for free, for those who have not, the party class on the 19th of December will cost £8 per student.

Classes: Welcome


Terms consist of 4 week blocks of consecutive attendance.

VENUE: The Burness Parish Rooms, 38 The Street, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1PW

Class Times for 2023

6.30pm to 7.30pm                       

Basics of belly dance                  

Class Level 1-2

7.30pm to 8.00pm               

Belly combos & building choreography

Class Level 2-3

8.00pm to 8.30pm                       

Belly dance advancement

Class Level 3-5

8.30pm to 9.55pm

Troupe rehearsal time (this is extended to the earlier session on the run up to a performance)

ALL students can attend classes 1 and 2

Classes 3 and 4 are by invitation by the teacher.

If you are a new student (or returning one) you will need to demonstrate the following to be considered to move from the first class to the second:

1. a strong understanding of move vocabulary as used by Mystic Bellydance

2. be able to demonstrate a variety of moves successfully

3. be able to perform them without hesitation or additional guidance

REVIEW WEEK: on every 4th week of term a student will go through a review to assess their dance journey and give pointers on areas that need to be worked on.

Ideally a student will take 12 to 16 weeks (continuous attendance) of dance to cover the basic essentials, build muscle strength and control, and understand and demonstrate the dance moves. 

From this point a student will be invited to attend the follow on session to start adding to this dance base.  Everyone learns at different rates, so be kind to yourself!


To attend classes:

One hour weekly lessons for Class Level 1 = £32 for 4 weeks.

The additional half hour (class 2) students will be invited to join won't cost anything further!

Payment MUST be made in advance of, or at the first class of each term and is for 4 continuous weeks of attendance.  Classes will run for 48 weeks in 2023


Paypal:   or  Cash, Cheque payable to Mystic Bellydance

Students who have been able to meet the 3 point criteria will be asked to attend Class level 3 to advance their dancing and further build on their vocabulary.  There is no time limit to this happening, as it is on an individual basis as people learn at different rates.  It is to ensure that a student is not only able to perform the required moves, but undertake them in a safe manner and dance them effectively.

It is from the level 3 and upward classes that the main performance troupe are selected, and new members will have to audition for consideration.



Students can have the opportunity to audition for the performance troupe.

They will need to:

[i] Have a strong understanding of move vocabulary and terminology as used by Mystic Bellydance

[ii] Be able to demonstrate a variety of moves successfully

[iii] Be able to perform them without hesitation or additional guidance

[iv] Must demonstrate regular class attendance, not missing more than 6 weeks in any rolling year, as the troupe requires commitment

[v] Must attend all dance choreography workshops

[vi] Attend meetings on costumes and where asked to source their own in a timely manner

[vii] Attend rehearsals for inclusion in the final performance

[viii] Be able to demonstrate 3 Mystic Bellydance routines as per the choreography to ensure they will fit in with the existing troupe members

[ix] Be able to demonstrate the ‘sisterly’ attitude required of all our troupe members

[x] The existing troupe will all vote with the teacher having the overall decision


Existing Performing Troupe Members will pay £30 for 4 weeks, in view of the time dance troupe members give to rehearsal and performances.  Look out for our new 2023 dance contract!

2023 Classes

*Jan 3 Taster Class*


Jan 10, 17, 24, 31

Feb 7, 14, 21, 28

Mch 7, 14, 21, 28

Apr 4, 11 ,18, 25


May 2, 9, 16, 23

May 30, Jun 6, 13, 20,

Jun 27, Jly 4 ,15, 18


Jlu 25, Aug 1, 15, 22, 

(Classes vary)

Aug 29, Sept 5, 12, 19

Autumn/Winter Term

Sept 26, Oct 3, 10, 17

Oct 24, Oct 31, Nov 7, 14

Nov 21, 28, Dec 5, 12

Student Party Class Dec 19

Classes: Text
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